During the winter, our gardens are covered in heavy snow, and the trees have lost their leaves. But this doesn’t mean  we have to forget what a plant actually looks like until the spring comes back. Indoor plants area great way to bring some greenery back into our lives during those cold, dark days. But on top of being pleasing to the eye, did you know indoor plants have many benefits? Let’s take a closer look at them.

They improve air quality

Through their leaves, plants have large surface areas exchanging water and gases with their environment. As such, indoor plants can reduce carbon dioxide levels as they absorb it, as well as certain air pollutants like nitrogen dioxide or benzene. When accumulating in a room, such pollutants can cause nausea, dizziness, headaches, irritation to nose, mouth and throat, coughing, and much more.

In addition, plants have the power to increase humidity levels, which is great in winter when the aigrets drier, and decrease levels of airborne dust.

Some plants are however more efficient than others when it comes to purifying their environment. You may want to look at weeping figs, bamboo palms, English ivy, broadleaf lady palms or Chrysanthemums.

They reduce background noise

This is pretty good news if you live in a busy street, for example. Thanks to their leaves, among other factors, plants have the power to absorb and diffract noise. As a consequence, if you line up some plants on your window sill, the noise coming from outside will be reduced when making it into your home. Plants’ noise absorbing power will work even better if your floor is a hard surface.

They create a feeling of well-being

Plants make us feel more relaxed, more productive, and more at-ease in our environment. Buildings are quieter and feel more cosy. Studies have shown that, in offices where indoor plants were present, employees take fewer sick days, are generally happier and make fewer mistakes in their work. It has also been proven that students are able to learn better when surrounded by plants, and hospital patients have benefited from recovering in a green environment, including developing a better resistance to pain.

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