It’s a classic sight. When January comes, old, now useless Christmas trees litter the sidewalks of our towns, waiting to be picked up and thrown away. But did you know your tree could be recycled and get a second life? There are many things you can do to recycle your Christmas tree. Here are a few ideas.

Make firewood

If you have a fireplace, it is a good idea to chop up your tree to make some firewood. The needles dry out quickly and can be used almost immediately. However, chopped up, the logs will need to to dry for a few months before they can burn properly.

Help the fish

If you are lucky enough to have a pond or a lake on your property or nearby, you might want to consider dumping your tree in the water. As surprising as this may sound, it is actually great for the ecosystems. Indeed, once in the water, the decomposing tree will provide a natural habitat for fish and will attract algae they can eat. Of course, remove all Christmas decorations and anything that is not natural before doing so!

Find a tree recycling facility

Many towns have put tree recycling facilities in place. Designated areas are created after Christmas and in January to collect old Christmas trees. They are located in each neighborhood to avoid people needing to carry the trees too far. After the municipality collects them, they are chipped and turned into mulch, which in then spread on public land and parks. Sometimes, the mulch can also be given away to inhabitants for their own personal garden use.

Replant your tree

If you bought a tree with the roots still attached, replant it! Find a spot in your garden, watch it grow over the year, and reuse it when the season comes again.

Feed it to the birds

If the tree has no roots, it does not means it cannot stay in the garden for a short while. Put it outside with it stand, and leave it out for the season. That way, in the dead of winter, it will provide food and shelter for the birds. It is even better if you can hang some bird treats or a bird feeder in or near the tree.

If you are still unsure of how to dispose of your Christmas tree after the holiday season, contact us for help and information.