During the winter, the cold can cause significant damage to your properties. From frozen pipes to landscaping, several issues that could arise during the cold season can actually be prevented if you plan for it ahead of time. Here a few tips on how to prevent damages to your property during the winter.

Frozen pipes

Frozen pipes can be a common occurrence in Regina during the winter. As a consequence, it is essential for you to know how to protect your pipes. Did you know that the average claim for a burst pipe due to the cold is around $18,000? That’s quite high… On top of the pipe, the are around which it burst can also suffer some damage, and the bill will just keep going up. If you have tenants, this is an issue you could lose them over.

However, preventing a pipe from bursting because of cold temperatures is a fairly easy task. First and foremost, make sure your pipes are properly insulated. It may sound basic, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t actually think about it! Then, if you leave your house empty, over the holidays for example, leaving a bit of heating on can avoid bigger problems. Leaving faucets dripping overnight can also help avoiding freezing during the coldest hours of the day.

Space heaters and furnaces

Space heaters can become a hazard when they are being heavily used in the winter. Double check a carbon monoxide detector has been installed in your property, and make sure it is operational. Check the venting systems are working properly.

Winter is also a good time to get your furnace checked to prevent any problematic break while the season is in full force. Have a professional come for cleaning, leak inspection, and filter changes.


If your roof was not in great shape to begin with, heavy snow will certainly not make it better during the winter season. To avoid the nightmare, get your roof inspected before heavy snowfalls make their way in. Loose shingles and tiles should be replaced, and seals should be checked.

Finally, make sure your gutters drain water properly for the time when all the snow accumulated on the roof will melt.


It is not only the house, but also the garden that needs to be ready for winter! Make sure trees are trimmed properly before any heavy snowfall. We tend to ignore this before it actually happens, but branches can actually fall under the weight of snow and ice, and damage your roof or your car on their way down.

If you have any question regarding how to prepare your property for the cold season, contact us for help and information.