Hardwood as a flooring is beautiful, and everybody loves it. However, it is also expensive and gets damaged very easily. But did you know there is another option out there? It’s tiles! Yes, tiles do not all look the same anymore, and some types of grain tiles look just like beautiful hardwood, but with all the benefits of tiles. What benefits? Here is a short list of why tiles are better than wood for your floor.


Hardwood floors are known to be very hard to maintain in good condition. They scratch and chip just from people walking on them with shoes, and pets can do considerable damage to them with their claws. Food and drinks can also permanently stain them. In addition, they require regular cleaning and resealing.

A wood grain tile floor tells another story. It will stay shiny and retain its new look over the years, even if you have pets, kids, or a lot of parties.

They can be applied everywhere

Hardwood floors can only be applied in certain rooms if you want it to stay beautiful for a while. Indeed, you should avoid rooms with too much sunlight, or their color will fade. Wooden floors should also stay away from bathrooms and humid rooms, as moisture will make them warp.

On the other hand, wood grain tile will not get altered anywhere in the house, even in the kitchen or inside the shower. If you want the good looks of wood, but without the inconvenience, tile is your new best friend.

They are cheaper

Wood is beautiful, but more often then not it is also expensive. If the raw materials for tile and wooden floors cost approximately the same depending on the quality you choose, the amount of work require to set up a hard wood floor is significantly higher than the amount required for a tile floor. In the end, you will thus save a lot of money on overall costs when going for a wood grain tile floor.

If you are considering replacing your home floor with tiles, ask for the help of a professional to keep your floor sturdy and well prepared for the years to come. DIY options exist, but they are often not as good quality-wise as a floor set up by a professional. Do not hesitate to contact us for help and information.