The summer days may be gone, but it is not a valid reason to forget your garden completely until next spring. Actually, the fall is the perfect moment to operate a big clean up and prepare your garden for the winter season. This will contribute to its blossom once warmer days come back! To convince you this is a necessary job, here are 5 reasons why your garden needs a fall cleanup.

Get the soil tested and trim the trees and bushes

Performing a soil test is a good idea when most of the foliage is gone. The test will show if the pH of the soil is appropriate, or if it needs to be adjusted using lime during the fall and winter.

Certain plants need to be trimmed and pruned before the winter. It is best to refer to a professional to keep your garden life happy!

Turn the leaves into garden food

All those leaves scattered on the ground do not only look ugly in your garden, but they are also wasted if you just leave them be. Instead, it is a much better idea to collect them and turn them into food for the rest of your plants. If you are patient, leaving the leaves piled in a bag for a few years will turn them into leaf mold. It will increase the water retention of the soil into which it is added and improve the structure of the soil. If you prefer using the leaves right away, shred them and rake them into flower beds, for example.

Remove the diseased plants

Diseases affecting plants keep on living on fallen leaves, twigs, or other debris fallen from the  affected plant. It is thus essential to clean these up and to remove any part of the plant carrying the disease. Fall is the perfect season to go around and identify which plants need treatment, as there is less foliage covering them up.

Prepare the garden for winter

As temperatures get lower and lower, frost can damage your vegetable garden, as well as other plants such as geraniums or begonias badly. however, there are way to protect it. Special made froth cloths can limit the damage caused by frost. The whole plant needs to be covered, as the aim is to retain as much heat its produces as possible. The covers can be removed during the day is temperatures stay above the frost point.

Stone walls around the garden can also help absorbing the sun heat during the day, and radiating it into the soil at night. Finally, make sure the soil is rich in organic matter to retain as much moisture as possible.

Protect your gardening tools

We might not think about them right away, but gardening tools also suffer from the cold. Store all the tools inside the house to avoid rust.

Empty the hoses from all water before putting them away, in order to avoid them freezing and being damaged. Finally, look forward to spring coming back next year!

If you need help or information on how to clean up your garden this fall, contact us.